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Rutherford Cancer Center

Private Hospital Liverpool,United Kingdom

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The Rutherford Cancer Centres operate a network of cancer centres, nationally and internationally, providing all-encompassing cancer services for patients. Our vision is to transform cancer care for patients by providing personalised and holistic support.

The centres deliver high-quality diagnostic imaging and the latest in advanced cancer treatments including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and, in the future, proton beam therapy across all centres. Every patient that comes to a Rutherford Cancer Centre is provided with a personalised and tailored treatment plan and their own support team. As part of the ‘Rutherford’s networked, centralised system’, patients can attend any of the centres according to their needs, with the option to attend the care oncology clinic at one centre and travel to another for treatment as necessary.


Accelerator, 1 Daulby St, Liverpool L7 8XZ, UK


Departments and specialty centers at Rutherford Cancer Center


  • Ambulance Service
  • Assistance With Finding Right Doctors


  • Shared Room
  • Accommodation arrangements


  • Private Room
  • Cafeteria/restaurant
  • Phone in rooms


  • English