Who We Are


About us

Future for Patient Care is one of the leading Medical Tourism organization in GCC and Middle East established in the year of 2014.

Our mission is to provide the best quality,safety and cost-effective medical services through our network to the most reputable medical centers in the world.

Our partner medical centers maintain international standards for effective healing.The people who need health care can get right diagnosis and treatment with the best quality, with the latest technological equipment and services anywhere in the world through our portal.

As a Medical Tourism Organization  we manage all the processes of every Medical Traveler who chooses us. Our aim is to provide complete Medical Tourism solutions under single roof. We are a one-stop medical tourism organization. We offer our service under the light of ethical values and trust.

What We Do

We look at your service as a medium to empower patients all over the world, by supporting their medical requirements and covering everything from the booking of the treatment to selection of the doctors and medical travel.

We also provide a gateway for patients to access various value added services and for healthcare providers to outreach their new horizons. With the entire process available for quick access on a single platform, we are truly your dedicated medical partner.

Get a chance to interact directly with various healthcare providers as we bridge the gap between you and your selections. Have a look at the scope of our service below:


Our specialist team are always at your side for all your health needs. The health improvement is not only about medical treatment, but also about informing our Medical Traveler about their processes. As Future Care Organization, we motivate our Medical Traveler with well information and try to make them healthy and happy. 

- Ali Jaafar Abdulla Nooh -


Providing Medical Value Travel

  • By Compiling a comprehensive diagnosis strategy for your treatment, we advise the best value plan for you.
  • By opting connect with Future Care Medical tourism , you can save your precious time and resources by going for the most value travel treatment option.
  • Save time and energy by choosing Future Care as your preferred medical value partner.
  • Choose from an array of treatment packages so that you can go for the most value added service around you

Opt for Wellness Retreat

  • While locating general wellness centers may not be an easy task, you can gain the advantages of going for a trusted source of wellness procedures with Future for Patient Care.
  • We Provide access to some of the most trusted and renowned wellness centers across various locations.
  • Relax and rejuvenate with nature at a wellness spot of your choice.
  • With Future for Patient Care you are free to explore a variety of wellness spot of your choice. 

Get to meet Healthcare Providers

  • Future for Patient Care is the unique Health tourism web platform that provides you with access to countless healthcare providers across various locations.
  • Future for Patient care makes it easy for you to get an in depth view of various options, not only in your locality but also in other countries . Thus,you stand to make an informed decision about your healthcare provider and your treatment plan.

Why Future for Patient Care?

As an experienced Medical Tourism Organization, we have been successful in providing end-to-end medical healthcare. Now this is easily accessible through one - point destination to our valuable clients.

Future for Patient Care relentlessly to help national and international patients looking for quality, safety, confidentiality and cost-effective healthcare options.     


    All the doctors are highly qualified with years of experience


    All our facilities are top quality and high-end technology and International Patient Management.


    We provide a dedicated care team and customized packages for each Medical Traveler.


    We facilitate the treatment of patients by connecting them to the right experts, helping them with getting the visa and other statutory issues for a prompt treatment.


    Future Care offer prompt treatment in cases where the patient may have to wait for long periods under their national health services.


    We guide you to the best travel destination.

How do we work?

First contact 

When you can reach us using our website www.futurecare-bh.com, our network offices, our emails, social media or any other channel you instantly become our medical traveler.
All you have to do is uploading your medical reports, test results, X-ray, MRI etc. and sending them to us

Medical diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our pre-arrival planning includes the following services for patients:

  • Evaluation of medical reports by our specialist doctors
  • Selection of the right doctors and hospitals by our specialist doctors
  • Process the paperwork
  • Arrangement of medical visa

Treatment approval, flight tickets, hotel reservation and transportation.

In case of your approval to our treatment plan we immediately make a reservation to the best and closest hotel to the hospital where you will be having your treatment.

As for your flight tickets we can provide some good offers from our contracted airline and buy it in case of your approval, Moreover we pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel in addition to the transportation between your hotel and the airport.

Tours, trips and vacations

After your treatment is finished, we can provide you upon your request with some cultural and natural trips that will help you relax.

Our Services


Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Services, Dermatology, ENT, Eye & Vision Treatment, Fertility Treatment, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Hair Transplant, Health Check Up, Heart & Cardiology, Immunotherapy, Infectious Diseases, Laboratory & Pathology, Ob-Gyn, Oncology Treatment, Orthopedic, Preventive Care ,Psychiatry, Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, Specialized Programs, Spinal & Neurology, Sport Injuries Treatment, Stem Cell Therapy, Surgery, Telemedicine, Urology & Nephrology, Bariatric surgery


Anti- Aging, Detox Spa, Hammam Spa, Healing Spa, Healthy Anti-Ageing Spa, Medical Spa, Relaxation and Pampering Spa, Stress Management Spa, Thalassotherapy Spa, Weight loss Spa


Acupuncture , Addiction rehab, Facial rehabilitation, Hand therapy, Manual therapy, Neurological therapy Orthopedic therapy, Pain treatment, Physical therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilization.


Cerebral palsy, Stroke paralysis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Psoriasis, Low back ache, Anorectal, Multiple sclerosis, Eczema, Brain and Spinal& cord injury, Servical Spondylosis, Gastric Disorder, OA Knee joint, Diabetes, Under weight, Obesity.

                      After your treatment, Our team keeps in touch with you to make sure that your treatment was successful.

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